The Robert Dirks Molecular Programming Prize

The Dirks Prize recognizes exceptional early-career achievement by a researcher working in any area of molecular programming, whether theory, experiment, computation, or a combination thereof. The winner will receive a cash prize and be invited by ISNSCE to present a Prize Lecture at FNANO.


To be eligible, a candidate must not yet have accepted a tenure-track position at the time of nomination (for example, a candidate would typically be a graduate student or a postdoc), but should have the goal of obtaining a tenure-track position and contributing a professional lifetime of outstanding research and scholarly study. However, a nominee for the Nth Dirks Prize that does not receive the prize and subsequently accepts a tenure-track offer in the same calendar year is eligible to be re-nominated one final time for the (N+1)st Dirks Prize.


A nomination consists of:

After a nomination is uploaded, up to two additional confidential recommendation letters may be uploaded by additional recommenders. If you have questions, please email


Nominations must be uploaded by January 31, 2023. Additional recommendation letters must be uploaded by February 10, 2023.

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